Weakness of Ukrainian National Democracy

Weakness of
Ukrainian National Democracy

(to the congress of


The first weak point is an
absence of the leader. During 15 years of existence, National Democracy couldn’t
bear him. (I don’t agree with those who consider Chornovil to be the


The Leader she has
up on her shoulders (structures) didn’t want to have any common business with
her except collaboration in social and labour policies… (Tarasyuk became the
minister of Foreign Affairs regardless of his “leadership” of Rukh rests). Not
fashionable, not stylish, not courteous.

Why should she take
umbrage at?  A top liberal hat suits the townsman, but not a hat of a countryman.
You were the same and still be the


Thus there is
another weakness. Does the programme of Ukrainian National Democracy differ from
Yushchenko’s Liberal-Democratic programme? Not at all! Both for NATO, both for the
EU, both for
Ukraine… The difference is
only in that one group recollects warriors of OUN-UPA (it was many years ago
therefore nothing to be afraid of), while other one hides its eyes; but only
because they are already… not fashionable, not stylish, not courteous. In
other words not “European”…


There is also the
third weak point – the collaboration with previous foreign fascist regime. This is one
of the bases of National Democracy, which are infirm. This collaboration emerges
from the best intentions to serve Fatherland, but people still remember
“constructive opposition”, 
“reformer” Pynzenyk , “political Ukrainian” Tabachnyk,  “position holder” Yemec, “personally
faithful to Kuchma” Lavrynovych, “man of principle” Holovatyi, “imperceptible”
Kostenko,  devoted Zayec, and
outstanding Drach (Zhulynskyi, Tarasyuk, Udovenko are from other story)… Whom
ever did I not mentioned?

Did they do a
favour to us? Maybe…

But people didn’t notice
. On the contrary they caught
sights on opposite things.

At the same time
they noticed Yushchenko in the National Bank.

Meanwhile everybody
knows how Yushchenko got money.

Therefore no wonder
that nowadays a minister of his government has only 0.8% of peoples support.

Who will respect
such “political power”?

Somebody says we
should take into account
old merits”. But where are

Do you think that
people are so foolish that in these 15 years they didn’t understand what have
happened during “perestroika”?

Don’t deceive
(Because the lustration, if
it be, will help)