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Speech of “UNA_UNSO” chief Y. Tyma at a congress of “Rukh za Natsiyu” Bloc

12 years of
independent Ukrainian state existence sows disappointment and despondency in
Ukrainians’ souls. Domination of old administrative elite at all power stages
makes impossible a normal and full-value life of Ukrainian peoples. The whole
so-called struggle for authority is going on according to a scenario that was
neatly created and approved at
Bankova Street.
Victory can be achieved on condition that there will be a power, which can break
the scenario and impose new rules of play. The political Bloc “Rukh za Natsiyu”
can be that power. The leaders of organizations, which joined the Bloc of
national-patriotic parties, showed themselves as persistent and consistent
champions of independence of Ukrainian nation. At the end of the 1980-s we took
part together in Ukrainian Helsinki League activity, in creation of National
Rukh of Ukraine; we struck together for liberation of Ukraine from Russian
empire oppression. In February 2001, during
without Kuchma» action, we defended together with Bandera“ Trident” public
organization a tent town on
Khreshchatyk Street against provocateurs. Thus UNA-UNSO organization decided to join the
Bloc in order to anticipate a time of obtaining of such
as our
heroic predecessors had seen.

We see no
possibility to cooperate with those structures that use Ukrainian patriotic
potential to satisfy own ambitions pleasing internal and external anti-Ukrainian
powers. We couldn’t agree to those persons who try to get hold of rule by
concluding an alliance with frankly anti-state fellows, claiming that “ when a
home is burning and everybody is smothering fire, no one looks at the color of
bucket with water, because it is not important”. But we think that it is
important, because in “red” buckets there is no water but a gasoline, and the
fire will spread out pleasing those who “ will fan a world fire to grief of all
bourgeoisies”. We regret that some of our comrades also “fell into lechery”.
Particularly, UNSO flags were lowered before Lenin monument in
Odessa during just
another action of so-called opposition.

We see no possibility to cooperate
with those organizations that were at one with the regime in case of UNA-UNSO
destruction, with those who set up a pick of the nation and drove it to

We understand
that the struggle will be difficult and enduring. We will be blacked and accused
of all convincible and inconvincible sins, because we are going really to hinder
not only the nowadays regime in
Ukraine. We
will fight for our state, our rule and our nation.

Recently a right wing of
Ukraine policy in Verkhovna Rada is
presented by political powers, which are only profiteering in patriotic
subjects, aiming selfish interests of their own. So there is no wonder that
Ukraine “gained” a status of “outcast”,
that could be simply avoidable. How can we explain that in November 1994 only 8
men of Ukrainian parliament voted against joining the Non-
proliferation treaty. 301 deputies voted with a rush for
nuclear-free status. And they are the constitutional majority, you know. Do you
think that in 9 years our parliament became more patriotic? Just remind a last
voting for Common Economic Space. Only
13 deputies voted against. 11 were from “Nasha Ukraina” fraction and 2 were from
BYUT . And where were the rest of patriots… We can cite a lot of such examples.
Therefore the claims from our neighbours are arising to
Instead of suppression such negative biases, so-called opposition imitates a
permanent struggle and facilitates the work of our foes. There was no one answer
to all our appeals to “Nasha Ukraina” chiefdom concerning a unite struggle for
strengthening of Ukrainian state and nominate negotiation in a president

But from today’s evening I am sure that our
Bloc would be accused in attempts to take away votes from Viktor Yushchenko,
who, by the way, hasn’t been announced his intention to run the elections till
now. None knows whether he announce. And if he announce, would he feel sorry
about that. Despite everything, we are ready to come to agreement and support in
the second round of elections any presidential contender, who will stand up for
clear anticommunist and anti-imperialist positions. And, of course, we are ready
to do it, if the president elections hold according to the present Constitution
– publicly. This is a position of the 
“Rukh za Natsiyu” Bloc and UNA-UNSO organization supports

We are
interested in appearance of national-patriotic fraction in Ukrainian parliament
that would be able to defined Ukrainian national interests. The one thing is to
convince each other, vividly saying – somewhere in a kitchen, and the another
thing is to participate in taking decisions in quarters of the main Ukrainian
house. UNA-UNSO supports a program of “Rukh za Natsiyu” Bloc, a participation of
the Bloc in president campaign and Bohdan Boyiko nominate in this

will make everything possible to approach our common victory. Everything
impossible will be made by our image, which was created by some years of hard
and bloody struggle. Our fallen comrades are waiting for it, our heroic
predecessors aspired to it/

Let God
help us!


November 2003